Wastewater Treatment Processes

The Wastewater Treatment process historically demands a high level of energy input which is contrary to current water management guidelines and legislative requirements. Any improvement in discharge quality using existing assets will require an increase in energy consumption at a time when regulatory demands require a reduction in energy use. Hydrok UK, with it's established ethos of providing innovative water engineering solutions, now offer significantly reduced energy solutions using fine bubble aeration systems that deliver an extremely high efficiency with reduced power consumption.

Water Treatment Processes

Hydrok UK has established an association and exclusive UK distribution agreement with Aquaconsult, the market leaders in fine bubble aeration, and Cleartec for their Biotextil Cleartec media.

The Aquaconsult range of fine bubble diffusers allow the Hydrok design teams to provide highly efficient solutions that can, increase capacity of existing assets or, provide new builds with reduced civil requirements and low energy consumption. The fine bubble aeration process enables reduced energy requirements through increased efficiency within the process and with the added benefit of reducing the whole life costs of the asset for little or no change to the capital investment required.

Water Treatment Processes

Additional performance enhancement can be achieved by the addition of the Biotextil Cleartec fixed bed media positioned within a frame directly above the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers offering even further efficiencies in the treatment process. This led to the development of the Hydrok IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) system, which is an integral part of the Hydrok HY-SAF - a combination of Biotextil Cleartec media and Aquaconsult Aerostrip fine bubble diffusers, resulting in a hybrid package SAF (Submerged Aeration Filter).

The fully comprehensive Hydrok aeration packages range from the optioneering stage through design and on to the manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning - with all aspects of the contract managed and delivered within house. This ensures total commitment and control at every stage.

With existing plants consuming nearly half of a percent of the UK total generated power, the Hydrok solutions can make a significant contribution towards energy savings within the Water Industry, and contribute to helping to improve the environment.

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