Wastewater Management Systems

Through continuous business development, Hydrok UK Ltd has introduced new products into the portfolio of solutions available to engineers within the UK water industry. Hydrok's heritage as a key supplier for storm water overflow screening technology has positioned the company firmly within the management of water within the networks particularly focusing on Storm Water control and treatment.

The future challenges facing water companies within the UK shall include the continued control of storm water flows within the sewer networks and also the design of sustainable systems as our green and brown field sites are developed. Hydrok are proud to exclusively represent Steinhardt GmbH based in Frankfurt Germany who, with over 25 years of experience in this area, produce some of the most widely installed systems in Europe for flow control, flood alleviation, tank cleansing and sewer screening.

This section of our portfolio covers solutions for controlling water flow within our sewers and pipes - for the alleviation and prevention of flooding - for storm tank and sewer cleansing - for water inlet screens and screening conditioning - and for miscellaneous water control products.

Our Range of Products