Design Service

Hydrok provide a strong efficient engineering design service to all of their customers. Our design team includes engineers from various backgrounds, bringing together expertise from both civil and mechanical sectors. This enables us to respond to enquiries with proposals that are task specific and which can often influence design, helping to improve design and cost effectiveness.

Whenever possible, maximum benefit will be obtained by involving our design team at an early stage of the design procedure - we may be able to suggest an alternative solution that may reduce design time, Health and Safety risk, project program and overall project capital cost.

Design Service

Using the latest design techniques we offer Finite Element Analysis, CAD/CAM, and, using Bath University's world leading Inventory of Carbon Energy project, we have the ability to investigate more environmentally friendly design solutions which may help to reduce your companies Carbon Footprint.

All of our products are manufactured in house or from our portfolio of Steinhardt, Cleartec and Aquaconsult products for which we have the exclusive UK distribution. We provide a seamless transition from concept, through design, into manufacture and on to installation and maintenance.